The Best Tips And Thoughts On Designing Your House Or Apartment

Do you dream of building your own house? Too often the new owners are disappointed, even angry: lack of professionalism, incredible situations, quality of materials different from the desired one, deadlines and budget envelope not respected, etc.

Tips on how to design own home

Before you start a new construction, renovation, expansion or maintenance of a property, or design your own home – a house or an apartment – you must absolutely define what you want with sufficient clarity. It is therefore necessary to put in write, in a few words, your particular needs and requirements both in practical and financial terms.

To complete your reflection and describe what you want, it is recommended to document, to cut out images in specialized magazines, to visit and take pictures of similar objects. You can also contact with acquaintances and friends who built a house or transformed a real estate for them to share their experiences. Feel free to take notes because they will serve you later.

How to document?

• Take pictures of similar objects

• Consult specialized journals

• Search the internet

• Visit fairs

• Question knowledge

• Inquire with competent authorities

The heart of the house

When you think about it, we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the dining room – to prepare, to simmer, serve and share good meals. Even once meals served, these rooms are the gathering places par excellence to listen to children tell us their day at school, share a glass of wine with good friends or plan the next getaway with your tender half.

In all families, kitchens and dining rooms eating are often associated with happy memories. It’s because these pieces are the heart of the house. It is for this reason that we believe that these valuable spaces deserve special attention. All these good times deserve that your dining room be furnished with the greatest care. Your furniture should be comfortable, durable and, above all, your image.

Make a research on the specialized magazines. It will help you refuel inspirations and create your dream home. Learn to master the famous “rustic chic” look, to play with the black and white classics and to create the perfect kitchen area to spend quality time with your surroundings. Make use of advice how beautiful scenery inspire to dare new colors, new styles, and to multiply the favorites in each corner of your home.

Tips on how to deal with people

Have you ever realized how your “way of saying” is critical in your communication? You can nuance your remarks just by changing your intonations. Your way of speaking will give an image of you and may or may not attract the sympathy.

Yes, your voice has power.

1.      The power to convey a message.

2.      The power to transmit an emotion.

3.      The power to influence, seduce or convince.

And you are aware of this impact in a totally intuitive way. So you modulate your voice (alternately, soft or assertive, energetic or withdrawn …) according to the goals you want to achieve.

But what you may not know is that your voice is “alive.” Your voice changes depending on the time of day, depending on your condition or depending on where you are. Also, to harness your vocal potential without making any special effort, you must take advantage of these changes, and pull them to your advantage.

Five secrets of dealing people with the use of your voice

1. Choose the right moment

Indeed your biological rhythms have an impact on your voice. Remember that this is not just the result of your throat or your vocal cords but depends on your entire body. Because your muscles interact with each other. Because your breathing and your rhythms interiors affect the sound you produce.

So your physical changes will translate into vocal changes. And depending on the time of day, your “internal biology” is not the same. For example, in the morning your vocal cords are relaxed, or slightly inflated. Result: your voice is warmer and more serious.

2. Choose the right place

The acoustics of the place you are in will also change the sound you produce. No longer internally now, but externally. You have probably already experienced it. When a person speaks, if she is in a church, in a conference room or outdoors, she does not quite have the same voice. This is essentially due to two reasons.

The first is that the acoustics of a place changes the resonance and therefore the timbre in a voice, by filtering or amplifying certain harmonics. The second reason is that your voice is a complex instrument that you give constantly through your ear. By modifying your listening, the acoustics of a place naturally lead you to change your voice. You will instinctively force the volume in a place where you hear badly. Just as you will speak more slowly, by putting your voice more resonance of the place offers a rewarding return, comfortable and pleasant.

3. Choosing the right person

You have a voice different depending on whether you speak to your grandmother, your boss or your children. And this way of modulating your voice according to your interlocutor is an almost natural reflex, which you acquired by mimicry since your childhood and over your experiences. So how do you use this to your advantage?

4. Choose the right “state”

Your physical state, as we have seen above but also your condition emotional affect your voice. If you are not motivated, your voice will be less defined and supported. If you are tense or stressed, the sound will be more closed and hard. And if you are excited, sad or happy, then your voice will convey that emotion.