Simple Methods Of Reaching Happiness

To seek happiness within oneself, there are many common thoughts. The spiritual path starts when we stop looking for happiness outside because all that we found until then was unsatisfactory. We illuminate our unstable situation which is, at the same time, the ideal basis for a fresh start in the direction of lasting happiness.

Tips on finding happiness

Are we looking for it in the right place? The desire to be happy is old like the world, yet happiness always escapes us.

The complete guide to achieve the happiness can be summarized in eight aspects. Incorporating these tips into our lives, it will make us happy. There is no need to change your religion to take advantage of this wonderful method available to everybody!

You ask yourself the legitimate question: Does it really work? Everyone wants to be happy, everyone is looking for happiness. The goal of life is the only one that is really valid: BE HAPPY!

Most people go astray in the pursuit of happiness and run after “tools”, which they think will make them happy. They are looking for :

·         money,

·         fame,

·         recognition,

·         professional success,

and sometimes are willing to pay the high price for having these “tools”!

These “illusions” that these people are always looking for and with sometimes obstinacy will not make them happy! Happiness comes from the inside.

Money has never brought happiness. It brings comfort, security, pride, of well-being, for some sense of power but not happiness.

Professional success brings social recognition, pride, some flourishing, but not happiness. Imagine that your happiness does not what about your job, what would happen to you during retirement or illness you preventing you from practicing your profession? Would the world crumble?

Also stop listening to these advertisers who want you to believe that you will be happier if you have the latest model of such car brand, the latest gadget high tech from X or Y’s latest big screen, or fabulous vacation at club Z. Of course, at the moment you have the impression that it brings you a certain “happiness”, but in reality, analyze well, it is only an excitement created by a new possession.

The 8-phase method of reaching happiness

It is not the knowledge of these keys that will bring you happiness, but their implementation application. As with everything in life, you have to take action. As a saying goes: talk does not cook rice!

1.  Understanding

2.  Thinking

3.  Right words

4.  Right actions

5.  Simple living

6.  Right efforts

7.  Right attention

8.  Right concentration

Start reaching happiness today

The real happiness comes from inside, so stop looking for it somewhere else. There are no better times for you to decide to be happy than now! Start with these everyday thoughts:

– My power always lies in the present

– I look forward to what has not happened yet

– I do not care about the past, I focus on my future

– My future depends on what I do in the present

– I am currently in the process of building my future

– I prefer the dreams of the future, to the stories of the past

– I live my dreams so that they become reality

– If I can dream it, I can do it

– Letting go is part of my deep awareness opening

– I am what I think

– I am what I choose to become

– My thoughts are the beginning of my acts

– What I think today is what I will be tomorrow

– My thoughts create my reality

– It is enough that I say Yes to life to be happy, the Universe always answers yes to my requests

– I draw what I think most often

– Everything is possible, everything will happen, except what I believe impossible

Additional tips on how to manage personal time

Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day? Your to-do list seems to be endless?

Have better control of your time and you will feel better and do more things.

1.  Make time management your top priority.

Take a few moments to prioritize your daily tasks. The best time to do this is first in the morning or last before leaving the office. Use the niche that best suits your time, but be sure to do it consistently. Doing so will help you manage your projects and keep the situation in check.

2.  Get rid of your ghosts.

The unfinished tedious tasks are like ghosts coming back to undermine your energy. Postpone an unpleasant task a week or two can affect your attitude and productivity. When a measure to take stays on your to-do list long, either you take action or you agree to let it go and stop worrying about it.

3.  See what works for you.

Many time management tools are available. Some people prefer calendars or calendars. Others prefer software applications or programs with built-in functions such as task lists. Ask your colleagues what tools they use to manage their time. Try a few, then determine which one works best for you.

4.  Give yourself a break

As your time management improves, you will notice an increase in your personal productivity. It can be exciting and even a little exhilarating. If you are frequently exhausted or if you often find work in the evening, do not forget to plan times occasional stoppages. Schedule breaks or rewards for adding a little balance to your work day.

5.  Keep the goal in mind.

It’s easy to follow familiar routines. Once a regular meeting is fixed, it is easy to simply follow the current. But things change. Try to keep the bigger goal in mind when you’re following the usual routine. If the goal is valid, perfect. But when the routines lose their value or effectiveness, encourage better use time.

6.  Stay on track.

In today’s demanding world of work where activities take place at a fast pace, it’s easy to be confused. Keep your measurements to take priority in mind throughout the day. Take a moment to restore priorities when an unexpected disruption occurs. People who best manage their time find a practical balance between dedication to the task and flexibility.